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Planning a Seasonal Escape to Jindabyne, Crackenback, and Beyond? Jindabyne Accommodation Centre Boasts a Bevy of Holiday Houses

Jindabyne in New South Wales has much to offer those on holiday. This resort town, flanked by the Snowy Mountains, Kosciuszko National Park, and the famed Lake Jindabyne, delivers adventure in any season. Every spring brings lush miles and endless activities; the winter promises record-shattering snow and slush, and every day between introduces travellers to a dynamic landscape.

It's no secret that the area is well loved for the proximity it offers to all of these incredible outdoor destinations. However, those searching for Jindabyne holiday houses, Crackenback holiday houses, or Snowy Mountains holiday houses will discover more than outdoor fun. The region boasts a diverse collection of festivals and fairs - and Jindabyne Accommodation connects guests to them all. There is something for everybody to enjoy when they visit this incredible area.

Jindabyne Accommodation Centre: About Us

Jindabyne Accommodation is the Alpine Way's premier provider of rental homes and suites. We create unforgettable experiences, pairing guests with exceptional properties and budget-friendly prices. We also promote proximity. Every Crackenback holiday house is perfectly centred within the area's many activities. Reach each festival with ease, whether you are searching for incredible cultural activities or are looking to enjoy the great outdoors with some of the best activities the area has to offer.

Upcoming Events

A Snowy Mountains holiday house promises spectacular views and seasonal thrills. It also brings guests closer to culture. Check out these upcoming events!

The Peak Festival

Ready to rock? Guests staying at Jindabyne holiday houses can enjoy smooth grooves and killer beats. The Peak Festival, which ranks among the country's top music extravaganzas, blends folk, funk, and hip-hop together.

The Mt. Kosciusko Festival

Discover the past at the Mt. Kosciusko Festival. Travellers enjoying Crackenback holiday houses can stroll into a series of art exhibits, video screenings, and theatre presentations (all tailored to the mountain and its people). Enjoy unique insights into local Aboriginal, Polish, and Irish cultures.

The Irish Festival

Stroll from Crackenback holiday houses into the Emerald Isle. The Irish Festival - which arrives on Australia Day Weekend in 2017 - features an exciting schedule of music, exhibits, and more. Delight in traditional food, as well as trad sessions and hurling competitions.

The Trout Festival

Explore the great outdoors! Just beyond Snowy Mountains holiday houses is a series of freshwater thrills. The Trout Festival brings in fishermen from across the country. Cash prizes (and bragging rights) abound!

Curious about other upcoming festivals? Visit our Regional Events page to see to see a full list.

Our Service Guarantee

A Crackenback holiday house offers modern amenities, sweeping views, and access to diverse activities. It also provides comfort. Those staying at our properties will be treated with courtesy, care, and support. This is our service guarantee, and we seek to fulfil this promise with every guest.

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The Alpine Way offers activities throughout the year, which is why it proves ideal for travellers. Contact Jindabyne Accommodation Centre today to learn more about regional events and attractions, as well as to secure affordable rates in any season.